​​Science is now recognizing the vagus nerve as the love nerve. It is shown that how you treat yourself and others can have an adverse or positive effect on your health.

The vagus nerve, which is one of the longest nerves in the body, originates at the top of the spinal cord and works its way through the heart, the lungs, the muscles of the face, the liver, and the digestive organs. It has three functions: to connect with all the communication systems involved with caretaking; to slow down your heart rate, calming the effects of any fight-or-flight autonomic nervous system activity, the body’s response to stress of any sort; and to initiate the release of oxytocin, a neuropeptide that plays a role in love, trust, intimacy, and devotion. If oxytocin is the “love hormone,” as it is generally referred to, the vagus nerve, is the love nerve.

What is also discovered that if you are still holding on to unkindness towards yourself and others it can have an adverse effect on the above organs. It doesn't matter if the unkindness occurred 5, 10, or 20 years ago. If the unkindness is still there, the oxytocin you need to properly deal with your stress will be impacted.

The service that I will provide to you will identify the specific lack of kindness that you are still holding in your system and how it is impacting some of your key organs.

Here are the items that your assessment will consist of:

Vagus nerve



Left lung

Right lung




Right kidney

Left kidney


Small intestines
External genitalia
How can I help you?
In my practice what I do is identify and remove negative emotions and beliefs that are preventing your body from being in the best health shape that it can be. The negative emotions and beliefs cause blockages in the body. Once the blockages are removed the body tends to get better.
How to get started.

For your free assessment, just send your name and age to norvalr@aol.com.
How Much Does This Cost?

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