How your Home can affect your life?

The environment in which you grow up in and that you live in affects who you become. Your physical space can either be cluttered, keeping you in a state of disharmony and always looking at what needs to be cleaned up and worked on, or it can be put together in a way that completely supports you, so that when you enter that space you have a feeling of being freer, more calm and at peace.


If your space is more spacious, for example, it’s easier to breathe and to simply “be” in that kind of environment.

Can you walk into someone’s home and have a sense of whether that space is supporting or hindering someone’s happiness?

                                            How I can Help to Turn Your Home Into a Healing  Sanctuary

I will clear the negative history from your property which means that you get a fresh start every day, free of any historical influence (which we may not even know about) and free of any newly-creative negative interactions and thoughts.

           * This usually help most clients to sleep better.

​        * Enhance their focus and concentrate.

​        * The flow of high vibration, high consciousness, energy into the land and buildings means that the environment supports loving interactions and communication every day, which means the positive relationship potential between you and others has more capacity.

          *  Spending time in a high consciousness, high energy field gives your body access to that energy for healing. 

How Do​ This Work

The process is very simple. All I have to do is determine the energetic signature of your property and send that frequency to your property. 

How Much Does This Cost?

The cost is less than $2 a day. You can sign up for the monthly or annual package. With whichever package you choose you will receive a daily clearing of your property for either 30 or 365 days. At the end of each 30 day period you will be informed of the new vibration of your property.

Why Must This be Done Everyday

Once your property is cleared, it is cleared from that day back. But tomorrow if someone comes into your home with some negative energy, your house may absorb that energy and it will need to be cleared.

I am not sure about this, can I get a sample of your work

Yes you sure can. All I need to get started is your name and property address (email this information to Norval at and below is what you will receive:

          a. The current vibration of your property.

          b. The first trauma that occurred on your property that cause it's vibration to drop.

          c.  A more recent trauma that caused a drop in vibration in case the first one occurred before you moved in.

          d.  Your property energetic signature frequency.

          e.  And a clearing of your property to raise it vibration to a more healthy level. 

​If you have any questions feel free to ask.

​You can sign up for the packages by clicking on the Pay Pal button below.


Norval Rhodes

​Certified Energy Practitioner

Energy for Healing Center

Everyone deserves to have a happy and healthy life. Let us help you to receive yours.