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Energy for Healing Center

Norval Rhodes

​Certified Energy Practitioner

Energy medicine was discovered 300 years ago, and while energetic body scanning is well established in Europe, North America is about 10 years behind. Just as lab work using blood or urine can give us certain kinds of information, and x-rays can give us other kinds of information, Energetic Body scans gives us information, in large amounts, allowing tremendous insight into the health of a person. It reveals issues not easily seen with other testing methods. All aspects of our body have energetic components. Energetic body scans  is a cutting edge technique which gives us an immense amount of information about these energetics. It is widely understood that energetic imbalances are precursors to disease, and treating these imbalances prevents disease. 

​We will provide you with a customized report and provide you with periodic scans to show your progress and help us adjust your treatment for maximum benefit. You will never need to be in dark anymore.  Information is power.  Use the information as your power tool to restore your health so that you can achieve peak performance.

Here are some other powerful benefits:

  •   Overall physical body health 

  •   Energetic view of 14 major body systems for strength 

  •   Detailed look at your hormonal system ​

  •   Knowledge of energetic drains in your mind, body and spirit
  •  Measure your level of stress by using the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenocortical (HPA axis) 

  •  A suggestive starting plan.

Would you like to clear out the energetic weight that keeps you from having the health you desire? 

We will energetically clear out the root causes of any Emotional, Mental, Physical or Spiritual issues you may be experiencing. 

By clearing out the root causes, you are opened up to amazing and powerful healing on all levels of your being!!!

Additionally, we will be clearing the channels so you can greatly increase your intuitive abilities and hear your divinely guided action steps. 

We don't diagnose or treat illness: we identify and balance the stressors that underlie those illnesses. We deal with the
communication system that spreads that stress response throughout the body. Stress is the basis of most illness, so by reducing/eliminating stress you can promote health and wellness.

If you are ready to release that which no longer serves you and experience a Total Transformation in all areas of your health, then return this email with your full name and age. That is all that is needed to receive your Free body system scan assessment. You have nothing to lose. So let's get started today.

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